Pulling out bags with waste from the bottom and wrecks from which there is a potential possibility of leaking fuel or engine oils, which can cause irreparable damage to fish and plant stock, and human health.

There is a special emphasis on collecting plastic from the sea and the coast in order to recycle it and turn it into a new useful value, i.e. filaments for 3D printing of useful products while simultaneously educating young people.


The association carries out its activities in cooperation with local communities, captaincy and schools.  The members of the association participated in the environmental activities of cleaning the Bay of Bakar and Velebit, organized by 24 hours and the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

The last activities were the cleaning of the eastern coast of the island of Cres, where the protected bird species Griffon vulture nests, in order to prevent the poisoning of these birds by the numerous waste thrown into the sea and left by people.

By acquiring a larger vessel in the future, the association will be able to activate disabled people in cleaning actions and return them to life activities, and achieve cooperation with schools and scientific communities on the preservation of Posidonia oceanis, a sea grass extremely important for the preservation of marine flora and fauna.  The association wants to monitor the impact and share of plastic in fish species with experts. 

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