3D Print

The target group of users are childrens, veterans and families of veterans and people with disabilities, and through the program we want to:

  • present the problem of plastic waste from a different angle and offer quality solutions through new possibilities and perspectives
  • use the availability of new technologies to encourage thinking about the possibilities of plastic recycling

With this activity, we encourage a circular economy, i.e. circular waste management by involving producers, collectors, recoverers, or processors in the raw materials of plastic and rubber waste in order to reduce the amount of waste, and also to process the existing waste into raw material and restore its useful value.  Our goals are to develop creativity, create prerequisites for new added value, develop entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, win prizes at competitions, and encourage the creation of added value, i.e. creative products and self-employment.


We carry out the implementation in 3 steps:

  • Presentation
  • Education
  • Praxis

The benefit for users is the acquisition of basic knowledge about materials and recycled raw materials, material processing technologies, mechanics, electronics, self-construction of 3D printers, use of modeling programs and 3D scanning techniques.

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