A tear of memory

The Tears of Remembrance project is in the realization phase and gathers around it very renowned collaborators in order to ultimately be internationally recognized and accepted.  The goal is to awaken and preserve the memory in Croatia, i.e., the places where they come from, of displaced Croats who, by force of circumstances, moved from Croatia around the world, and for Croats in the world to remember their roots and homeland.

The project consists in the first phase of a memorial that would be erected in Croatia in the place from which they moved out with a pole on which would be the flag of the country they moved to and also in the city abroad where they moved with a pole and the Croatian flag.

In the second phase, the construction of a memorial square in Zagreb or another city is planned, on which a wind rose mosaic would be made, with the names of the countries and cities where the Croats were displaced.  Columns with all the flags of the countries to which the Croats had moved would be placed around the square.  Next to the square, facilities are planned for the accommodation of emigrants when they come to Croatia, with a restaurant and a conference hall. 

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